How We Work


For Candidate bring out the Candidate’s real potential and personal abilities to reach desired job by mentioning skills.

Hiring based on CVs is inadequate. CV does not bring out the candidate’s real competences and potential. Badly written CVs causes dismissing talent of Candidate and good written can manipulate hiring mediocre employees. This results that most of world’s Candidates are working in the positions where they should not work and are therefore not in their fullest potential. The world is wasting its talent.

How it Works?

  • Validation We validate Recruiter’s contact details first and give reliability to Candidate that each Recruiter is reachable
  • 2Focusing on Skills & Location We list you on basis of skills and location match which help Candidate to reach Recruiter in first go only
  • 3Show Summary First We share only Candidate’s important information on screen like Skills, Experience, Age, Location to make you more attractive for Recruiters
  • 4Mentioning Skills and Location We share only Candidate’s important information on screen like Skills, Experience, Age, Location to make you more attractive for Recruiters

For Recruiter

We make recruitment process 3x faster and bring out the Employer’s actual job targets to match best Candidate by Skills and Location.

Current job ads are not enough. These don’t work because they are unattractive, not reflecting the nature of the work and therefore, not reaching target Candidates. This results in keeping the position open for an extended period of time or buying over-expensive Candidate from competitors. Also, Standard hiring process with the tools used today takes approximately 6-10 weeks and 50% of the Recruiter’s time spent on administration work. This make the hiring process expensive and slow. Therefore, Recruiters are not very much like to use the services. Recruiters are wasting their money and losing their efficiency.

How it Works?

  • Validation We retrieves all required data about Candidates and Recruiters that significantly reduces administrative work overhead
  • 2Faster the process We shared only looking forward and active Candidates which decreases time significantly to fill the desired position
  • 3Cost effective We help Recruiter to save their money by paying only when they liked and wanted to have interview of Candidate

For Agent

We give new business opportunity to any Retailers to earn more and to support one major national problem of Unemployment.

Retailers, now days facing vast competition in market by which their profitability decreasing. They keep looking for new business opportunities as second source of income. Retailers also get tired with their daily routines so they keep trying and investing money in new businesses but not getting right or expected results. giving new business opportunity with highest Return on Investment. And Unemployment these days a major problem of India so we are giving opportunity to Retailer to participate in National problem and get chance to earn in new initiative, which can be a big business for Agent in short period of time.

How it Works?

  • 1Brand Ambassador Every Agent is a Brand Ambassador of and they are responsible to promote employment services through their premises locally
  • 2Built Trust After promotion, Agent need to register Candidate and Recruiter from their local area and that’s it.